Daria Bujun

Daria Bujun

Daria Bujun

Was born in Arhangelsk
Graduated Saint-Petersburg University of Humanities and Social Sciences  


2006, March-April - «Plasticine», GEZ — 21(Experimental Sound Gallery), Saint-Petersburg

2006, September  - «MiniArt», international project, Kino-Fot-703 Gallery, Saint-Petersburg

2006, December - «Feedback», performance, F 108 Club, Saint-Petersburg

2006, September  -  nominee, «New projects for Anna Nova Gallery», Saint-Petersburg

23d  March - 7th April 2007 - «Next!», Anna Nova Gallery, Saint-Petersburg

20th March - 11th April 2009 - «Defects», in collaboration with Dmitry Stepanov, Anna Nova Gallery, Saint-Petersburg