Denis Patrakeev

Denis Patrakeev

Denis Patrakeev

Denis Patrakeev as born in 1987, Leningrad, Russia.
Educated in Herzen State Pedagogical University, the Faculty of Arts
The member of Artists Union from 2008 

"Art in the source of its existence rests in silence, variability and urge. At the point of its inception, it relates to the higher forms of sincerity. In this sense, the creation of a symbol explores the creative process itself, creating a space key. Choosing art as an occupation becomes a spiritual practice. The movement happens from consequence to cause, the material melts under the friction of the emery. The very work of art is a unique form of confessional condition of the author. In the material world, in this state, the artist occupies the position between the circus and the monastery, which is an extracurricular and magical position. The artwork itself is not positioned as the truth, but the purity of the things and notions that it symbolizes is indisputable. The desire to be alone with the art is similar to the lust of occuring all alone in the forest or in the desert, when the author is dissolved and can only feel the intitial complicity in himself. The creation of a symbol, in which the shape, the material and the color interact leads to the penetratiion into the deep layers of culture and matter. The nature of the connection of everything with everything is revealed out of the unconscious, sincere games of the dissident."

Denis Patrakeev

Personal Exhibitions

2019 The third side of coin, Shtager gallery / Elephant & Castle Experimental Space, London, UK
2018 Soteria, Art4 Museum, Moscow, Russia
2017 "World in flux", Anna Nova Gallery, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
2015 "The first day", Nepokorennie studio, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
2014 "Mustard seed", Anna Nova Gallery, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
2014 "Sheba", Bobby Gallery, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
2014 "361 degrees /2", Erarta Museum, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
2012  "Reconstructor", Anna Nova Gallery, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
2012 "361 degrees", Erarta Gallery, London
2011 "Proections", Nepokorennie studio, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
2011 "The Earth of plays", State Centre of Contemporary Arts, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
2011 "Gastra OZ", The Door Gallery, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Group Exhibitions

2019 Life after life, Manege Central Exhibition Hall, St.Petersburg, Russia
2018 Rivers’ name, PERMM, Perm, Russia
2018 Kronstadt stories – 3. Slowness, Museum Of Printing, St.Petersburg, Russia
2018 The impossible is inevitable, Jewish Museum, Moscow, Russia
2018 Love | Create, DK Gromov, St. Petersburg, Russia
2017 Art is (not) lonely, Mu.Zee, Ostend, Belgium
2017 ARCAM. The Essence, LAMO, Leh, India
2017 History of the present, Voronezh center for contemporary art, Voronezh, Russia
2017 It’s time for me to decay you to blossom 3, Marina Gisich Gallery, St.Petersburg, Russia
2017 It’s time for me to decay for you to blossom 2, Kunst House, Tartu, Estonia
2017 It’s time for me to decay for you to blossom 1, Voronja Gallery, Varnja, Estonia
2017 Fractals and structures, Cultproject Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2017 3x3, Belyaevo Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2017 Inner Manifesto, gallery GROUND Khodynka, Moscow, Russia
2017 Takeoff!, VDNH, Moscow, Russia
2017 Fantasy in everydaylife, Erarta Museum, St.Petersburg, Russia
2016 Wave Theory. Production of of viewers, State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2016 Prototype # 2, Sergey Kuryokhin Museum, St.Petersburg, Russia
2015 We must cultivate our garden, Anna Nova Gallery, St.Petersburg, Russia
2015 Intertext, Erarta Museum of contemporary art, St.Petersburg, Russia
2015 OSTRALE, Dresden, Germany
2014 Vienna Fair, Vienna, Austria
2013 Art Space Event, ArtPlay, Moscow, Russia
2013 Volta 9, Basel, Switzerland
2012 Social networks, Erarta Museum of contemporary art, St.Petersburg, Russia
2012 Past, Present & Future, Erarta Gallery, London, UK
2011 Peter and Wolf, Erarta Gallery, London, UK
2011 Autumn aggravation, Central exhibition hall “Manege” (small hall), St. Petersburg, Russia

Art Fairs

2017 The 7th Independent Art Fair, St.Petersburg, Russia
2018 Cosmoscow Art Fair
2013 Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair< br />


2016 “Simple name synonyms favorites” Concurrent programmes of Biennale of Young Art V Moscow International Biennale for Young Art
2015 Special project of the 6th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art “Panopticon”, Moscow
2014 RuArts, IV Youth Biennale, Moscow, Russia
2014 Refugee Camp,The Salon art project, Concurrent programme of Manifesta 10, St.Petersburg, Russia

Honours and awards 

2018 – Nominee, Sergey Kuryokhin Award
2016 – Nominee, Sergey Kuryokhin Award