Irina Drozd

Irina Drozd

Irina Drozd

Was born in 1983.
Education: 2002-2009 St. Petersburg State Academy of Art and Design, faculty of monumental and decorative painting
2006-2007 Berlin, Higher Art School
1997-2002 Art school of Venezianov, Tver
Lives and works in Saint-Petersburg, Russia 


Muse of St. Petersburg (Department of City Plastics)
Short-list of the Award "TOP 50. The most famous people of St. Petersburg", magazine
Nominee of the Kuryokhin Prize
Nominee of the Innovation Award
From 2016 to the present, is on the list of the Russian art investment rating 49ART


2019 "Quiet games", Anna Nova gallery, St. Petersburg
2018 "Love me as I do", Freud museum, St. Petersburg
2017 "When God was young", UVG Gallery, Budapest
2016 "I don’t want to grow old",  Art centre Gridchinhall, Moscow
2015 "I know what you did when you were 13", Anna Nova gallery, St. Petersburg
2013 "Another Dimension", Erarta Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland
2012 "Another Dimension", Anna Nova Art Gallery, St. Petersburg
2011 "Beauty contest", Fine Arts Gallery, Moscow 
2009 "Kafel", Guelman Gallery, Moscow
2009 "Forward in the past", Luda Gallery, St. Petersburg
2009 "Beef", Navicula Artis Gallery, St. Petersburg  


2018 "Apology of delusions", MOMMA, Moscow
2018 "Russia. Realism. XXI century", Museum of Fine Arts, Kazan
2018 "Tragedy in a corner", Museum of Moscow, Moscow
2018 "Beware of Children", Museum of St.Petersburg Art, St.Petersburg
2017 "Prospekt Nepokorennykh", Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art
2017 "Gallery of Fine Art. 20 years in art", Vinzavod, Biennale of Contemporary Art, Moscow
2017 "Human interest", Grand Marina, Sochi, Russia 
2016 "The collective conscious. Dialogues with the classics", Centre for Contemporary Art Winzavod, Moscow 
2015 "We must cultivate our garden", Anna Nova gallery, St. Petersburg
2014 "Season of wins", Manege, Moscow
2013 "Dinner is served", State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg
2013 5th Moscow Biennale of the contemporary arts 
2013 "Expo Nederland Ruslandjaar 2013" Atrium, Sneek
2013 "New Saint-Petersburg", art-center Nieuw Dakota, Amsterdam
2013 "Russia XXI", Museum Beelden aan Zee, Den Haag
2013 "From Saint-Petersburg with love", Noordelijk Scheepvaartmuseum, Groningen
2013 "The only artist here is me", KultProject gallery, Moscow 
2012 Art-Moscow, booth of Fine Art Gallery, Moscow
2012 "Mirror, mirror on the wall", Orel Art Gallery, Paris
2012 "Strategic project of the biennale of young art", MMOMA, Moscow
2012 "Price" Agency ArtRu, Moscow biennale of young art, Moscow
2012 "The Feast of Being", RuArts gallery, Moscow biennale of young art, Moscow
2012 "Hidden room", Rizzordi Art Foundation, Saint-Petersburg 
2011 "Art is art is art", Moscow Contemporary Art Museum, Moscow
2011 "Emptiness", 4th Moscow Biennale,of Contemporary Art, RuArts Gallery, Moscow
2011 "In depth", Krasnoyarsk Biennale of Contemporay Art , Krasnoyarsk
2011 "Gates and Doors", State Russian Museum, Saint-Petersburg
2010 "La scène Russe contemporaine", Espace Art et Liberté à Charenton-le-Pont, Paris
2010 "Vis-à-vis", Ecole des Beaux Arts, Lyon
2010 "Vis-à-vis", NCCA, Moscow
2010 "Salt", Ru Arts gallery, Moscow
2010 "Workers and Phylosophers", Skolkovo
2010 Moscow Biennale of Young Artists, Moscow
2010 "Perm alive", Perm
2010 "Daughters and Mothers", Foundation for Visual Art Support “ERA”, Moscow
2009 "Russian beauty", NCCA (National Centre of Contemporary Art), Moscow
2009 Bjcem Association, 14th Biennale of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean, Macedonia
2008 "Dead Moroz is alive", Triumph gallery, Moscow
2008 "Laughterlife", "DIEHL+GALLERY ONE", Moscow
2008 White Space Gallery, London
2008 "Fields of Memory", Loft Project ETAGI, St. Petersburg 


2014 Private Residence Gallery RX, Paris, France
2013 “Cite Internationale des Arts”, international residence for artists, Paris, France
2013 Private Residence, Groningen, The Netherlands
2010 “Cite Internationale des Arts”, international residence for artists, Paris, France
2006-2007 Graduate School of Art, Berlin, Germany


The artist's works are in the collections of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, the National Center for Contemporary Art (Moscow, Krasnoyarsk), as well as in private and public collections in Germany, Italy (Museum of Modern Art), Russia and the USA (Lenny Kravitz collection).