Valeria Abendroth

Valeria Abendroth

Valeria Abendroth

Valeria Abendroth (b. 1984, Nizhnevartovsk) – artist and sculptor, finalist of Nova Art Contest 2019. Lives and works in Kassel, Germany. 

In 1991, Valeria emigrated to Germany with her family. She graduated from high school there and completed a training course as a dental technician. For 6 years, Valeria worked within this specialty in Kassel. In 2012 to 2018, she studied fine art at the Kunsthochschule in Kassel, and started her artistic career after graduating as Master of Arts. Valeria’s works were showcased in Museum für Sepulkralkultur (Kassel) and Heidelberger Kunstverein (Heidelberg). In 2018, she became the winner of S+T+ARTS, under which her project was exhibited at Centre Pompidou (Paris).

The artist wonders how people tend to change both physically and psychologically in the course of civilization’s development. The key motif of Valeria’s artistic practice is to explore the effects of culture, society, and technological progress on personality enhancement.

Solo exhibitions

2019 Laboratorium Suggerere, Heidelberger Kunstverein, Heidelberg, Germany
2018 Devushki, Galery Coucou, Kassel, Germany
2018 Мне Нравится, Gallery of Industrial History, Petrozavodsk, Russia
2017 Мне нравится, Stellwerk, Kassel, Germany
2015 Da Wo Die Wurzeln Sind, Frankfurter straße 88, Kassel, Germany
2012 Vernissage, Gallery Melhior, Kassel, Germany

Group exhibitions

2019 Techno Scapes, Heidelberger Kunstverein, Heidelberg, Germany
2019 This Is Just the Beginning, or Virtual Genius, New Holland Island Pavilion, St. Petersburg, Russia
2018 Devushki, Documenta Halle, Kassel, Germany
2018 Мне нравится, Bogorodskaja galeria, German-Russian foundation, Moscow
2018 Сostruzioni del Corpo, Kunstverein Bobingen, Bobingen, Germany
2017 Other People Have a Nationality, Fringe Art Bath Festival, Bath, UK
2017 UPK Artprize, Kassel, Germany
2017 Zu Gast Im Präsidium #6, Presidium of the University of Kassel, Germany
2016 Hanging instructions, Fringe Art Bath Festival, Bath, UK
2016 Confidencias Mudas, Fundation Maria Forcada, Tudela, Spain
2016 Echos, Sepulkral Museum, Kassel, Germany
2015 Innenwelten und Schatzkammer, Chrämihuus, Langenthal, Switzerland
2013 Siemens Zukunftsdialog, Frankfurt am Main
2013 Dok Fest 13, Kassel, Germany