Booklet #3

Booklet #3

The third issue of "Booklet" - contemporary art-review of Anna Nova Art Gallery.

In early September, the third issue of the gallery magazine has been issued. "Booklet" continues the contemporary art dictionary, launched in the previous editions, with the letter "C" - indicating the term, which is so important to us and fundamental, -"CONTEMPORARY".

The idea of creating "Booklet" as a kind of guide to the contemporary art of our city first came to us in the winter of 2014. Right now, when contemporary art is finally becoming increasingly popular due to, including, the Moscow influence, where a large scale opening of the new museum building "Garage" took place recently, we thought it opportune to do our own small "Booklet".

The circle of artists and other people who took part in editorial are of course connected to Anna Nova gallery. And this is obvious: these are the people who we work and collaborate with, who we trust and believe.

Contemporary art is what we live by and what we interact with. We want to share this feeling of constant engagement with something that is going to become history of our time.

The Booklet can be found in various restaurants, boutiques and business centers of St Petersburg or obtained in the gallery kiosk.