Ivan Plusch "Process of passing"

Ivan Plusch "Process of passing"

The small edition was published specially for exhibition of Ivan Plusch, which took place at Anna Nova Art Gallery in November 2012.

This book introduce the all three parts of installation Process of Passing and curatorial statement of Dmitriy Ozerkov, curator of exhibition.

Edition: Ivan Plush "The Process of Passing " 
Format: 21,5x21,5 cm 
Paperback, bonding 
Pages: 33 
Year: 2012

This book is available in the book shop of Garage centre of contemporary art, all the time during MANIFESTA 10 (The Manege of the First Cadet Corps, 13 Universitetskaya Emb.) and Anna Nova Gallery shop ( Anna Nova Art Gallery, 28 Zhukovskogo str.)

English / Russian