Haim Sokol’s "Arches" at the exhibition in Moscow Manege

Haim Sokol’s "Arches" at the exhibition in Moscow Manege

Today, on August 14th, a group exhibition of legendary Moscow sculptors, participants of the «LeSS» art group, Vadim Sidur, Nikolai Silis and Vladimir Lemport, is opening at the Central exhibition hall Manege.

The exhibition «The Sculptures We Do Not See» is a full-scale research of the so-called «cellar nonconformism» – a phenomenon that took place in the Soviet Union side-by-side with the conventional art scene. Dozens of works of Vadim Sidur, Leonid Berlin, Anatoli Slepyshev and Alexander Pozin from the MEA Manege collection are exhibited together with Nikolai Silis’s and Vladimir Lemport’s art works.

The analysis of Soviet formalism is impossible when considered outside of Soviet and contemporary Russian art history. That is why works by such contemporary artists as Anatoli Osmolovski, Haim Sokol, Dmitri Gutov, Alexander Povzner and many others will also be on display.

The Anna Nova gallery artist, Haim Sokol, is presented at the exhibition by his works "Arches", which were shown at his solo exhibition "Ambivalence" in the gallery in 2012.

The exhibition is open at the Central Manege until September 6, 2015.