"The genesis of the graphical user interface. On the code theology"

"The genesis of the graphical user interface. On the code theology"

The book is devoted to the analysis of the evolution of abstractions in computer science - from the concepts of variables and objects to patterns and ontologies - which coincides with the evolution of abstractions in philosophy and theology. Graphical user interface, invented in the 1970s, appears as a stage in the development of these abstractions and, at the same time, the computer peripheral. On the basis of cultural homology it is asserted that the graphical user interface is morphologically equivalent to the medieval church, and the current state of affairs in computer science is similar to the situation in the late scholasticism.

The theme of the lecture is: “Interface is the Church”

Michael Kurtov, philosopher, researcher of media and metamedia, specialist in technotheology. Author of the book "Between boredom and dreams. Analysis of cinema experience "(2012).

Opening speech by the series editor Pavel Arsenyev and the author of the preface Alexei Grinbaum (Paris).

Beginning at 7 p.m.
Free admission.

Michael Kurtov’s book and other publications from the *démarche series can be purchased at the gallery shop. Writers of the series are united not only by underlined interest in the theory and the conditions of intellectual production as a whole, but also the overall thrust of train of thought, mode of action that involves, as a rule, establishing the trauma of institutional split, displacement, demarche.

"The policy of form" in their case - or, more broadly, "letter" - is determined by a critical attitude toward ideological devices infrastructure to the same extent that critical reflection outside or on the boundary of poetry / literature assumes a constant reexamination of one’s own grounds and self-criticism. True to a certain political and rhetorical tradition, such a position values its freedom from various forms of institutional coercion the most, whether administrative or epistemological.

*démarche series includes:
Alexander Skidan. Theses to the politicization of art and other texts (2014)
Alexander Smulyansky. On the concept of the act of enunciation (3rd lecture of the seminar "Lacan-educational program") (2014)

Ready for release in the series:
Yoel Regev. Coincidentology: a short treatise on the method
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* démarche is the theoretical series, anthology "TRANSLIT"