Gallery's artists at the International Cyber Art Festival CYBERFEST 2014 in Berlin

Gallery's artists at the International Cyber Art Festival CYBERFEST 2014 in Berlin

On December 12th, the 8th International Festival of media art CYBERFEST opens in Berlin. This is the fourth point on the map of the festival, the events of which have taken place in St. Petersburg, Moscow and Tokyo. CYBERFEST will end with the exhibition in New York.

From 12 intil 15th of December a group exhibition «The Other Home» will take place in Kunstquartier Bethanien. Among its participants are the Anna Nova gallery artists Andrey Kuzkin, Alexander Dashevskiy and Petr Shetsov.

The exhibition's title refers to the overall theme of the artistic projects of CYBERFEST 2014. Cities-venues become "other homes" for each other, and intellectual and physical journey becomes the main intrigue of the festival. Modern means of communication will give everybody an opportunity to plunge into the artistic life of other cities and countries, and regardless of the geographic location of the viewer to become visitors of the CYBERFEST events.

This year’s theme, “The Other Home”, explores the commonalities and differentiations among physical, emotional and cultural manifestations attached to the concept of «home». Following the tradition of legendary apartment shows of Soviet time — this exposition explores correlations between public and private, inner and outward, practical and idle, trivial and odd.

Andrey Kuzkin will present a performance «Project with Stone»: the artist will be trying to warm up the stone, turning the dynamo, connected to the bike. ««Project with Stone» offers viewers the opportunity to engage with the idea of the Sisyphean made manifest through a performance in which tremendous effort is exerted for the sake of a certain absolutely absurd and nearly invisible results. Project with Stone harkens back to the pure movements of the Viennese Actionists while subtly poking fun at the notion of human agency in a global context. The absurd, the ideal and the actionable all unite behind this monumental and poetic performance with quiet determination and self-deprecating humor».

Alexander Dashevskiy will show 6 paintings under the title “Mortgage Languor”: “The imperative to acquire property stems not only from mathematical calculations of financial acuity, but also from ineranlized goals and imperatives constructed in the realms of philosophy and ideation. The purchase of a home is a watershed moment — a point of maximum exertion of material and spiritual strengths. And yet, home ownership is not a secure transaction, phsycologically, financially or philosophically, and at some point the threads woven so carefully together to realize this disparate goal begin to unravel. Dashevsky’s work takes root in the space between ideology and reality, between home ownership and homelessness, between security and the great unknown, problematizing both the concept of home ownership and the psycho-social imperatives made manifest in this oh-so-specific cycle of acquisition dissolution».

Petr Shvetsov reproduces erotic scenes from ancient vases and frescos onto the tiled walls of public toilets in the spirit of present day guerrilla graffiti,in the presented mural "Toilets Bacchanalia" done on the tiles by oil enamel. «Shvetsov’s reproductions are sketches, live drawings infused with the vitality of the present moment rather than simple replicas of imagery produced millennia ago. By transporting imagery across time and space, these expressive, brutal and lively graphics endow the profane with the spirit of high art, maneuvering concepts of value to challenge our most deeply held beliefs about art and the erotic».