Pimp your art

Pimp your art

To “pimp” the works by contemporary artists is the task of the media project "Pimp your art", which became a kind of analogue of the American reality show, which essentially comes to the restyling of cars or apartments.

Getting into the program, the product is given on the discursive mercy of the expert group, which consists of active actors of “sovrisk” with fundamentally different positions on issues of visual art. They explore all aspects of the work and identify problems and deficiencies that do not allow it to become one of the masterpieces of world importance. In the process of discussions a unique recipe for updating "appearance" and the content of the art object, that guarantees the renewal of its karma, is developed. The intrigue lies in the fact that the author does not know what is going on with his work until the last moment.

The result of the work of experts every time risks being shocking, but that is what the show is designed to - to combat indifference which is no less important than a closer look at the art that surrounds us. During the show, the viewer is presented not only a whole bunch of interpretations of the work, but also the strategies of contemporary art. Program experts do not claim exclusivity of their gestures, using techniques and methods known to a narrow circle of specialists, but they create a kind of guide for artists-beginners, with which everyone can actualize their own art and learn to play by the absurd rules of sophisticated art market.

In the first series of the program, Katya Krasnaya’s painting is being “pimped”. It is being examined from different artistic perspectives by: follower of psychedelic postabstraction Vlad Kulkov, master of experimental ritual Daria Pravda and adept of conceptual genre and total skepticism Michael Zaikanov. The viewer identifies if the art-work gained or lost symbolic weight after the alternative upgrade.

Alexandra Karpova

The program is made with the help of Media Focus Agency.