New exhibition by Aljoscha in Rome

New exhibition by Aljoscha in Rome

Sterted from March 4 exhibition "A Notion of Cosmic Teleology" by our artist Aljoscha is on view in Sala Santa Rita (Rome).

"Aljoscha sees his objects and installations as living beings. They are heralds of the distant future and bring a message: humanity will be freed from endless suffering.

In the historic, originally sacred space of the Sala Santa Rita, Aljoscha has placed a bioism installation that embodies his vision of the future. He builds a quasi-organic system, which does not occur in nature and imbues it with a new quality – that of a prophet. The bizarre shapes of this translucent installation, its strange beauty seem to spring from the next stage of evolution. In his artistic work Aljoscha assumes the role of the demiurge. He mimics the generative activity of nature with its creative richness and thus joins the central message of Aristotle to the purpose of the visual arts."

Natalia Gershevskaya, art historian and curator.

The project is on view till the March 16.