Presentation of the online store of contemporary art

Presentation of the online store of contemporary art

On Wednesday, June 22, Ginza Project’s restaurant “Mansarda” and Anna Nova Gallery open presentation exhibition of the online store of contemporary art 28 Bugs.

The exhibition will feature works by Ilya Fedotov-Fedorov, Maxim Ima and Anatoly Akue. Restaurant’s interior and breathtaking Petersburg’s city sight enter into a dialogue with contemporary art. 28 Bugs is subsidiary of Anna Nova Gallery as well as the first online store for museum-quality affordable contemporary art on Russian web.

Some people are afraid to make purchases via online stores, because there is a risk that the chosen product doesn’t meet expectations. Guests of the exhibition will have an opportunity to see works presented at and become personally sure that the quality of artworks is as claimed. From June 22, "Mansarda" restaurant will be complemented by the artworks of Russian young artists.

Ilya Fedotov-Fedorov, one of the few artists on the local art scene who is engaged in the sci-art. An important theme of his work is to preserve and organize the world around. Ilya often uses biological methods and structures in his work, for example, images of ants and anthills, entomological collection, the structure of plant and animal cells, biological processes, etc.

Maxim Ima is a young street artist from St. Petersburg. He’s engaged in street art for over ten years. Maxim is the author of ironic project "Art dialogue", dedicated to street painting and contemporary art. The artist holds a degree in journalism and perhaps this is the reason for his passion of working with text.

Anatoly Akue is engaged in street art since 1997. He’s a participant of many Russian and international street culture festivals. The artist is always looking for new plastic art language, with which he can bring his ideas to people. His works are greatly influenced by Buddhist practice and meditation. For the last few years, the artist has been consistently working with abstract art.

Gifts, welcome drinks and DJ-set are waiting for the guests at the exhibition opening, as well as the opportunity to meet the artists personally, ask about their artworks and discuss contemporary art.