Ritual colors /pop-up show/

Ritual colors /pop-up show/

On 15 May Anna Nova Gallery will present a pop-up show by the custom-made clothing brand "Sewing corporation".

Sewing Corp uses the principles of recycling to transform old, unwanted things into something entirely new; old sweaters, forgotten vintage fabrics are given a new life. In the summer collection of this designer brand, Roma Drozdov works with themes of military paraphernalia, camouflage and the military tattoos of the ancient Maori, inspired by myths and ritual practices.

The show itself will be turned into a form of ritual action, supplemented by a video installation from Aleksander Letsius. Also during the event, the artist Petr Papasov will present his new art work. Through the work of a kinetic mechanism conceived by Petr, the intangible takes shape and the form changes color.

«The Sewing Corp atelier, are inspired by the theme of recycling in the fashion industry. We believe that things with a history can take on a new lease of life is endowed with new forms. We find, or collect from friends interesting vintage items or materials and transform them into something practical. This winter we released a collection of hats sewn from vintage Soviet sweaters, and very soon we will be presenting a collection of waterproof heavy-duty backpacks sewn from vintage cloth that we found in an old warehouse. "

Also, some of the creations are reminiscent of the recent fire that took place at the Sewing Corp's atelier. - Designer Roma Drozdov exhibits designs with traces of this event, exploiting the effect of fire-treated tissue.

 official afterparty:

Syndicate shop & bar


 You can pick up an invitation from Anna Nova art gallery, or at creative cluster TAIGA from the "Sewing Corp. Store"  DVORTSOVAYA emb. 20

Start: 19.30

Hope to see you soon!