Rostan Tavasiev at the exhibition "One Within The Other"

Rostan Tavasiev at the exhibition "One Within The Other"

On the 16th of December new exhibition “One Within The Other» will be opened in Moscow Museum of Modern Art venue at Petrovka street.

Halls of the second floor of the MMOMA venue at Petrovka street will contain eight art projects, made of different materials and media, from painting to electronic means of communication, in 2012–2015, including the project "It's Complicated" by Rostan Tavasiev, first shown at Anna Nova gallery in 2013. As part of the long-term strategy of stocking of museum’s funds, these selected works and artworks, created especially for the exhibition, will be recommended for acquisition into the MMOMA collection.

Authors of the works are Maria Agureeva, Kirill Garshin, Evgeny Granilshchikov, Evgeniya Machneva, Dmitry Morozov (::vtol::), Dmitry Okruzhnov and Maria Sharova, Rostan Tavasiev, Yan Tamkovich. They belong to the young generation in the Russian contemporary art. Born in the USSR, they remember the world without cell phones, Wikipedia and social networks. In the mid-2000s, they witnessed widespread dissemination of digital technologies and, first of all, of high-speed internet, the main hybrid communication tool of the present epoch, which significantly changed the traditional forms of behavior and communication, attitude to knowledge and attention, perception of space and time.

Each art project will be accompanied with different documents and artifacts, which shed light on the process of its creation, its exhibition history or, on the contrary, are devoted to the subsequent comprehension of the project by the artist himself. It is essential that many laboratory exhibits will be shown for the first time. They will help viewers immerse themselves in the mental creative space of the exhibition partakers, providing the clue to their plan, and will focus on the phenomenon of intermediality, i.e. migration of ideas and images, human anxieties and dreams, from one material carrier to the other.

Exhibition will be open until 13th of March.

Address: MMOMA, 25, Petrovka street.