Irina Drozd's "Another Dimension" at the "Mansarda" restaurant

Irina Drozd's "Another Dimension" at the "Mansarda" restaurant

Anna Nova Gallery and «Mansarda» restaurant are pleased to present their joint project - an exhibition of a Petersburg artist Irina Drozd - "Another dimension".

The exhibition presents a series of paintings by Irina inspired by her conception about hometown and iconic views of "the Northern Capital".

It is no coincidence that the idea of placing this series of works in the interior of «Mansarda» restaurant arose. Firstly, the interchange between the view opening from the windows of the restaurant on St. Isaac's Cathedral and its domes and the angels from its colonnade depicted on Irina's canvas is obvious. Secondly, glass and wood as the main materials used in architectural design of «Mansarda» are ideally correlated with gray, cold, even "ice" artist's vision of the city.

If «Mansarda» is the place in the city where you should bring tourists to show them the real St. Petersburg, the artworks of Irina Drozd are the stage at which we invite you to start your acquaintance with contemporary art in St. Petersburg.

"Another Dimension" series by Irina Drozd was first shown at Anna Nova Gallery in 2012. Dmitriy Ozerkov, Head of the Department of Contemporary Art at the State Hermitage Museum, the head of the "Hermitage 20/21" project, was the curator of the exhibition.