Nova Arena Sports Center

Nova Arena Sports Center

In the XXI century art and sports often intersect at a common distance. Famous fashion designers create clothes for doing sports, artists sign contracts with sports brands, paint stadiums and create spectacular shows in honor of the major events.

Nova Arena is a vivid example of such cooperation. Here each hall has its own artistic trophies - from the personal collection of the owner Anna Barinova or created especially for this space.

A large panoramic swimming pool decorated with graffiti in the form of a huge whale, lying elephant and hippo by fashionable Saint-Petersburg artist Stas Bags, one of the brightest Russian street artists, former member of the art group Milk & Vodka. He also decorated the staircases and a restaurant overlooking the football field with his graffiti.

Images of football players more than three meters high by Ivan Plusch and Irina Drozd, were placed on the wall of the arena for team sports.

Upon entering the martial arts hall visitors can see two gilded canvas by Andrey Kuzkin. One says: "It does not matter" (it's about the attitude to victories), the second depicts a gun.

Paintings by Andrey Gorbunov decorate the halls of the fitness center.

You probably should not argue long about how art changes people's attitude to the sport, and vice versa, as well as how the sports make contemporary art more accessible and closer to the people. In the end, and artists and the athletes have a common goal - to inspire our high performance, in sports and in art.

Architect: David Artman.

Art: Anna Nova Art Gallery.