Insectum / Maksim Svishev

Maksim Svishev


25 Jan - 16 Feb 2014

A new media project of Maxim Svishev ‘Insects’ consists of video objects, audio installations and a three-part video projection. Once we get into the dark hall of the gallery we are surrounded by the annoying buzz; it feels disturbing in an empty space.

Incects are swarming around regal animals, which cannot resist this power.  A tiny buzzing speck is not dangerous until there are thousands of them everywhere.

In society where one is surrounded by objects of consumption more than by other people we have to deal with a special kind of everyday interaction, not via communication with each other but via accumulation of material benefits. Material things are constantly praised in advertising and the media is flooded with endless sensational news, new gadgets releases and so on. They don’t leave us in peace even at night, dictating their pace, from one series to another.

Like Maugli becomes a wolf as a result of his living with predators, man becomes a functional adept of technology.    

Buzzing and a tendency to cling together for being successful in life, as a rule, is typical for  the invertebrate jointed-limbed animals – insects. 

Under the cover of signs and in denial of reality, man stuffs cotton into his ears, complaining about unceasing street noise, and does not realize that he is making this noise as well. He is, in fact, the source of noise, causing him so much discomfort.

Becoming functional and clinging to the world via gadgets and high-tech products, one loses the natural balance, the initial meaning of live and his own inner integrity, looking more and more like an annoying buzzing speck.  

Sound: Andrey Svibovich