Russ Land / Uldus Bakhtiozina

Uldus Bakhtiozina

Russ Land

28 May - 29 Aug 2015

On 27th of May Anna Nova Gallery opens a new exhibition of a photo-based artist Uldus – a nominee for the ‘TOP50 The most famous people of St.Petersburg’ Award 2015 of magazine in ‘Art’ category. Exhibition "Russ Land" is based on Russian fairy tales such as "The Swan Princess", "Prince Ivan and the Firebird", "Goldfish" and others.

The RUSS LAND project is the result of a year and a half work of Uldus Bakhtiozina and it will become a part of her first photo-book, which is planned to be published in 2016. The series is based on the dark and wild side of Russian fairy tales, tightly bound with pagan culture and religious beliefs of ancient Slavs. Relying on the studies of the fairy tales origin, the background of their characters and her own experience, Uldus hyperbolizes their visual images in the medium-format film portraits. To the characters she adds highly detailed costumes of her own design, revising their nature and giving them a new lease of life in modern world. Thus each frame becomes the superposition of all the processes and it has a unique view of the lost and forgotten in the constant flow of time.

The photographer’s aim is to create the feeling that fairy tales are inseparable from modern world, that’s why Uldus creates her characters according to the law of time. Uldus, who had taken a course of make-up training in Lenfilm, creates images, make-up and costumes for the models. Each costume is laborious handicraft, each situation is a possibility to peep at something the characters would probably want to keep to themselves. It’s also significant to note that Uldus films her shots and never uses Photoshop.