Group Exhibition of Robert Longo’s studio assistants “Common Ground” /

Group Exhibition of Robert Longo’s studio assistants “Common Ground”

23 Jun - 02 Sep 2017

This summer Anna Nova Art Gallery will play host to a unique exhibition featuring works by a group of young American artists. The Common Ground exhibition explores the New York art scene and the role of the artist’s assistant—a figure that returned to the world of art in 1960s after long absence.

In the last ten years, artist’s assistants have once again found their special place in the world of contemporary art; in some studios up to fifty people can be found working at a time. The Common Ground exhibition unites the works of twenty-five emerging New York artists who, over the last fifteen years, have worked in the studio of Robert Longo— the renown American artist and sculptor. It is Longo’s creative career that serves as the historic framework of the project.

In 1977, after graduating Buffalo State College, a then twenty-four year old Longo moved to New York. It was there that he began working as an assistant to Vito Acconci and Dennis Oppenheim. That same year he participated in the Pictures exhibition in the Artists Space in New York — this was to be a life-changing moment for him. Longo’s work “The American Soldier” (1977), which featured in this exhibition, became a basis for his series “Men in the Cities” (1979–1983). This series of work was very well received and garnered high praise from art critics.

Featuring over forty pieces which demonstrate a variety of techniques and styles – from works on paper, painting and photography to sculptures and sound installations – the exhibition will introduce the Russian public to a new generation of American artists. While establishing the ‘common ground’ between these artists from having worked in Longo’s studio, the exhibition is a true display of individuality with each artist revealing a style that is distinctly their own.

The Common Ground project includes a work by Longo himself, “The Study for Little Face” (2003) from his continuous series Monsters (2000-present). The piece, a charcoal drawing on paper, is in typical style for the artist. Most of those participating in the Common Ground exhibition have assisted Longo on this series.

The artists include: Paolo Arao, Jason Bartell, Alexander Barton, Alexandra Baye, Edwin Bethea, Corey Bond, Sarah Brenneman, Kirsten Deirup, Brock Enright, Julio Cesar Gonzalez, Kelsey Henderson, Kipton Hinsdale, Colin Hunt, Garrick Imatani, William Latta, Robert Longo, Viktor Longo, Owen McAuley, Ivanny Pagan, Brian Rattiner, Bernice Rubin, Susan Sabiston, Eric Schnell, Miles Shelton, James Sheppard, Nathan Spondike.

Curated by Victoria Dushkina.