Ambivalence / Haim Sokol

Haim Sokol


28 Jan - 26 Feb 2012

Freedom like corruption: artist and homo sacer.

 Haim Sokol made the project in coordination with workers form Kyrgyzstan — guest workers and illegal immigrants. (The artists lives in Moscow having Israeli pasport, so legally he is a guest worker too.)
«Ambivalence» continues the previous artist's practise — historization of injury — withdrawal materials, codes, images from reality, withdrawal historical material from history and making the work like gaping or metaphor of gapping. Sokol continues to look for historical nature of our subjectivity. Now he works not with material subjects, but with people, excluded form History. In modern Russia it's gastarbeiters (guest workers) — illegal goods of total market, people, who are excluded from social system with specific market point.

Alexaner Evangeli