Birds Flu / Bella Matveeva

Bella Matveeva

Birds Flu

17 Jun - 26 Feb 2006

Bella Matveyeva’s project ‘’Birds’ Flu’’ is an open meditation about the theme – camp. Camp means being carried away by the pre-rafaelites, Berdsley, art-deco, Tamara de Lempintska, the film ‘’A Strict Young Man’’, decoration, erotica, film stars of silent films: Greta Garbo, Marlen Ditrich, a novel ‘’On the Contrary’’ by Guimance and by the art of Bolognese academism. Camp is kitsch that went through decadence and well-known to modernism. It has some ironical attitude to the things that are loved by classicism.

Arkady Ippolitov

The main works of Bella Matveyeva - a series of photos and graphic things ‘’Aesthetics of Classical Brothel’’ and a film ‘’Resurrection’’(1990-1995), a series of pictures and graphic works for the scene of the ballet ‘’Leda and a Swan’’(1995) in cooperation with S. Vikharev and K. Goncharov, a project ‘’Dolls’ House’’ after G. Ibsen (2003), a series called ‘’Valhalla’’ (2004-2005). Bella Matveyeva’s works are in the collections of the State Russian Museum, the Museum of Modern Art (Avinion, France), Norton Dodge (Zimmerly Museum, New Jersey, the USA) and in private collections as well.