Modern Art of Chukotka / Jury Alexandrov

Jury Alexandrov

Modern Art of Chukotka

23 Feb - 29 Mar 2008

The exhibition ‘’Modern Arts of Chukotka’’ is actually a part of ‘’The museum of Chukotka Arts’’, to say more precisely it is a museum in miniature with the departments of painting, drawing and applied arts. It has got even a museum shop with replicas of the most outstanding  displays.

"The museum of traditional arts’’ has got a spirit of contradiction. Traditional arts may live only as an action, a performance – starting from shaman’s magic making to the rituals of walrus hunting. Traditionalarts may be true to life, authentic being presented in some image – the image that is reflected at our exhibition. At the exhibition one can see not only the hunters, reindeer-breeders, giant Margen (Krimhilda of Chukotka) and a powerful man Yapa in canvases and pictures, but we can also see the main characters of the real world – Yury Alexandrov, an artist from St. Petersburg and his colleagues. He was an organiser of the exhibitions: ‘’Posthumous masks of the Russian writers’’, in 2000 year, Pushkin House, ‘’Kunstcamp’’ and ‘’Selfprinting books’’, gallery Navicula Artis and some others. His colleagues in the world of myth are Ivan Goldenshluger, who is mainly presented with his carvings on walrus penis, whale bone and some other pieces of applied art, and Konstantin Molokh with his paintings. The viewers shouldn’t be embarrassed about the ethnic relation of the creators to Chukotka arts. They shouldn’t pay attention to the lack of archaism in the artistic works.

Pure archaic things, even if they are the comics about modern life of  Chukotka, don’t have any dates and can be created by anyone influenced by a cold spirit called Akhna. In this case it doesn’t matter where the person lives and what blood composition he has. However, the artists mentioned are not the strangers to Chukotka land and its spirit. Back in the 1970-ties they created the illustrations for the ABC books for the peoples of the Far East. The books were published by ‘’Prosveshenie’. Three years ago they worked together at the museum exposition ‘’Chukotka Heritage’’ in Anadur.
The viewers will have a chance to meet with authentic archaic art of mysterious old folk, whose wisdom was acknowledged by Russian folklore. At the exhibition one can see a painted kukhlyanka (a national coat), a trap made from whale bone for evil spirits, comics and many other things.

This exhibition doesn’t have a claim to become a permanent museum exposition.