Natural Stories / Sergey Denisov

Sergey Denisov

Natural Stories

24 Mar - 22 Apr 2006

It’s not easy to define what Sergey Denisov makes in his creative activity. He is a hermit creating on the attic of the former St Petersburg tenant house. He combines some strange palimpsests of still nature, he draws his inspiration in the dusty heaps of Rare book shops: engravings, post cards, books, photos, maps. Dull glittering of the fly wing in a mica frame, a firework of different vessels, light dead bodies of insects on the old amalgam of the mirror matching paws and webs, lacy feelers and stings - the artist is fond of witchcrafting.

Gleb Yershov

Presentation of big forms, like big canvases, seems to be intriguing. He combines on one plane unmatching objects. Next to typical Denisov’s personages like insects and hairy plants young men and women with make up faces, leaning to each other appeared. Porcelain heads, lips touched with a lip-stick, toy posies, crossed hands can be found in the labyrinth of opened internal organs of a fish in whimsical forms, behind amphibious and insects.

Irina Gorlova,
a head of the department of art programs of the State Centre of Modern Art, Moscow.