New paintings from "Two Highways" cycle / Boris Koshelokhov

Boris Koshelokhov

New paintings from "Two Highways" cycle

27 Nov - 26 Dec 2009

Bob Koshelokhov's creativity is a freakish mix on the one hand archaic and speeds, and with another - the ultramodernity and a statics. It is like in a fairy tale the magic subject transfers the hero at the other end of the world, and in science fiction cosmonauts fall asleep to move on millions daylight years. Nowadays Koshelokhov has slightly lowered his  "The fourth space" and also looks back - where he has brought.

The image of the teacher and the preacher of base trues is slightly pressed by image of the eremite-self-contemplator, stopped to take rest and consider the further way (time "Collecting of stones"). It is also a new step of his painting.

Andrey Hlobistin