The head of Architect / Petr Shvetsov

Petr Shvetsov

The head of Architect

25 Nov - 06 Jan 2006

What art can be more serious than architecture? What is more optimistic? Architecture has a claim on immortality. In any case the building should live for a long time. It imprints ideas and tastes of the age its philosophy and style at that. Those architects whose works survived seem to be happy nowadays.

Charmed by the illusion of immortality Piotr Shwetsov has been painting the portraits of the famous architects for 13 years – almost all his creative life. He has painted in the best traditions of classical technique, oil on canvas – long lasting way. He has painted with love, every portrait is beautiful and elegant, delicate and witty. In every portrait he tries to render the plastic and technique of the historical style in his own way, no matter, whether it is Peter’s baroque or Stalin’s empire.

Moreover, every portrait depicts the architect’s fortune, anyway, not taking into account what fortune the architect had, he was a personality who could build and win.Their buildings went down into national cultural heritage, History of Arts study, school books, tourist guide books. So, we can’t say they are forgotten, they are with us. 

Марина Колдобская