The World of Porolon / Sergey Shekhovtsov

Sergey Shekhovtsov

The World of Porolon

29 Nov - 11 Feb 2007

Sergey Shekhovtsov is a participant of many famous exhibitions among them ‘’Europalia. Russia’’ (Brussels, Belguim, 2005), Russian pop-art (The state Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, 2005), ‘’Give Russian Art Today’’ (Postfuhrant, Berlin, MAK, Vienna, 2002).

The installation ‘’Movie House’’ was shown in the program of the fair ARCO – 2004 on the stand of Moscow gallery ‘’Regina’’(Parque Ferial Julian Carlos I, Madrid, Spain, 2004).

It also presented Russia on the 26th Bienalle in San Paulo (Brazil, 2004). The curator of the exhibition Ekaterina Andreyeva considers Sergey Shekhovtsov to be a remarkable sculptor for our time. Shekhovtsov as a master of postproduction preferred to take into art a very cheap and trivial material. Shekhovtsov promises an incredible broadening of the horizons in usage. He chooses a universal synthetic material ready to be formed into various objects.

‘’The World of Porolon ‘’ – the world of the newest postmodernism reality, its main property is the ability to save itself with the help of mutation. Shekhovtsov uses his sculptural material and gets the works that have plastic property and they linked with artistic traditions. At the exhibition the artist presents his original project.

The exhibition was organized  with the help of the gallery ‘’Regina’’ and the State Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow). 

Ekaterina Andreeva