Contest 2006

Contest 2006

20 Feb - 30 Jun 2006


“Petersburg in Leningrad / Leningrad in Petersburg”

Contemporary art gallery Anna Nova announces the Contest of Young Artists “New Projects for Anna Nova Gallery”. The theme of the first contest is dedicated to the fifteenth anniversary of the return of the city’s original name. In a referendum in 1991, the third of all the three name changes in a hundred years history of the city happens. The fact that all three name changes of Petersburg fall on the twentieth century, draws particular attention to this dynamic historical period. Here distant part of our history enters our yesterday and affects our tomorrow, encouraging us to think of what is changing with the change of the name. How did Petersburg continued itself in Leningrad of 1920 - 1980-ies, how does Leningrad work from the inside of the new St. Petersburg? Or the reality of the beginning of the twenty-first century as a whole has little to do with the historical past? The answer to these questions may be personal-biographical, socio-political, archival and museum; it can connect all of these approaches within a single product and offer new solutions to the problem of identity of a young person.
Dates of the contest: from March to May, 2006. The purpose of the contest is the creation of interesting exhibitions.

Expert Council of the Contest:
Konstantin Agunovich, art critic, columnist for the magazine "Afisha Petersburg";
Ekaterina Andreeva, a leading researcher at the Department of Contemporary Art at the State Russian Museum, Doctor of Philosophy, PhD;
Andrey Hlobistin, art historian, artist, director of the St. Petersburg archive and library of the new art.

The winner of the First Contest is Oleg Oskolkov (exhibition "Criticizing eternity"), 2nd place - Darya Buyun (exhibition "Next").