Contest 2008

Contest 2008

21 Apr - 30 May 2008



"On the side of Filonov" is an exhibition of nominees of the Second Contest for Young Artists "New projects for Anna Nova gallery". 2008 marks the 125th anniversary of the birth of Pavel Nikolaevich Filonov (1883 - 1941), and in honor of this event, the contest was devoted to the philosophy of the artist. The jury considered more than 70 applications sent from Russia, the "near abroad", Israel and the United States. Determination of a single winner by voting failed, so seven projects of the following artists were selected:

Marya Dmitrieva (St. Petersburg) - "Naked"
Vsevolod Zharov (Dzerzhinsk, Nizhny Novgorod region.) - "Crossroads. Chaos and myth "
Lucy Charskaya (Moscow) - "Reflection of reflection"
Svetlana Mironets (Moscow) - "Builders"
Creative tandem "Zombies Dum-Dum" (Olga Bock, Sasha Vilkin) (St. Petersburg) - "Vivisectors"
Igor Myakishev (St. Petersburg) - "The Artist Filonov and the City"
Evgeny Zolot'ko (Tartu, Estonia) - "Backdraft"

(The names of the artists and the titles of the projects are listed in the order and the number of votes given to them).

The Organizing Committee and the Expert Council decided to hold a group exhibition of works by the seven selected artists in the Anna Nova gallery in the summer of 2009.

"Filonov stands at the origins of twentieth century art, and in particular, art of Saint-Petersburg. It is an analytical antiurbanizm of Filonov that makes him the only synthetic artist of the city. Images of Filonov give birth to undamped waves of resonances, and each of the nominees represents some of the parties of the complex structure of Filonov’s world. "Backdraft" by Evgeny Zolot'ko thematizes very exaggerated projective system of Filonov, that converges with other avant-garde systems of the new creationism (the one of Malevich or Fedorov). The mandatory condition for the building of a new world through the death of the old one is exposed by Zolot’ko to the reverse thrust: animated world returns to the stage of inorganics, Filonov’s living cells freeze into concrete and asphalt resin – the building materials of today. "Crossroads. Chaos and myth" by Vsevolod Zharov return us to the dark realities of the "unenlightened" old world, from which Filonov came out, which exists in the Kafkaesque horror of dogmatic nature of civilization. "Builders" by Svetlana Mironets accentuate naive component of Filonov’s art, which in the next stage of shaped mutations opens the brightness of primitive craft in the uniform "made" style. "Reflection of reflection" by Lucy Charskaya, on the contrary, positions Filonov’s form as a cutting-edge. The concept of universal vision, which brings the matter penetrating gaze of Filonov together with the extended spherical sight-vision of Matyushin, is here converted to a multi-faceted automatical scan of the world and its rigid crystalline playback. "Naked" by Marya Dmitrieva is the most adequate and original translation of Filonov’s image of man into the language of contemporary art. Images of "Naked" - young Saint-Petersburg artists, philosophers, designers - are collected from hundreds of fragments of other images found in the magazines. Dmitrieva "dissects" lots of glossy prints to articulate of them one of a kind body and its special world of ideas, the metaphor of consciousness, controlling life, in other words - the desires of the body. The problem of the inalienability of the man and the world is presented by the object "Artist Filonov and the City" by Igor Myakishev. Portrait mask of Filonov, builder of the universum, is rigidly fixed as the face of a spherical welded construction. Perhaps, on a plan, it is the best monument to the artist who, expanding the horizons of creativity in the cosmic infinity, turned out to be crucified on the edges of the proletarian Leningrad."

Ekaterina Andreeva

The jury:
Ekaterina Andreeva
Stanislav Savitski
Gleb Ershov
Konstantin Agunovich
Andrey Hlobistin