Contest 2017

Contest 2017

21 Feb - 05 May 2017

Anna Nova gallery is pleased to announce the launch of the VI Competition of Young Artists "New projects for Anna Nova Gallery". In 2017 the whole world celebrates the important date - a century has passed since the Russian revolution in 1917, and we could not stay away. Therefore, the theme of the contest is «(R) Evolution». We would like young artists to look beyond the proposed topic - for revolution happens not only in the political process, but also in art, minds and technology. Contemporary art, unfortunately, has become too predictable; it lacks eventfulness. We would like to see young artists, those who continue to develop contemporary art, breathe a new life into the art process and make a real revolution. Therefore, the main criterion in determining the winner will be, in addition to compliance with the designated topic, the novelty and revolutionary artistic ideas. Let it sounds like utopia, but nevertheless, we do not lose the hope that a revolution in art is still possible.

"Revolution!" - In 207 this word is on everyone's lips and there's every kind of interpretation - from "Beat the Whites with the Red Wedge" to "The Gulag Archipelago". Obviously, the revolution of 1917 was a major social shock to the whole world. Its role in the history of the world is significant and ambiguous, and the results are great and contradictory. It is difficult to evaluate in parallel mass terror and the art of the avant-garde, the sale of national heritage and successful struggle with a massive lack of culture, the establishment of a system of total control and sexual liberation. Since the Russian revolution there's been 100 years of history and three generations of artists. Over the years, Russia has undergone a tremendous upheaval in its history, and the understanding of the October Revolution has also undergone fundamental changes. It was considered to be heroic, mythologized, then demonized and, finally, almost disregarded. In 2017 the whole world recalls the Russian Revolution. Thousands of books and films will be made, hundreds of exhibitions will be held. However, in Russia, the birthplace of the revolution, its value today is unclear. I think we're both proud and ashamed of it; we admire its beauty and fear a repeat of its horrors. In 2017 the competition is dedicated to the Russian revolution; we invite artists to submit work concerning the ambiguity of this phenomenon today, 100 years later.

Dmitriy Ozerkov

The Jury:

Dmitry Ozerkov, a curator, the head of Contemporary Art Department of the State Hermitage Museum "Hermitage 20/21"
Valentin Dyakonov, an art critic, curator of the Garage Museum
Carolyn Christoph-Bakargiev, an American novelist, historian, and curator. The art director of Documenta13, curator of the 14th Istanbul biennial, director of the Museum of Modern Art in Turin.
Catherine Chuchalina, a curator, art critic, program director of the "V-A-C Foundation. The art of being contemporary".
Olesya Turkina, an art critic, curator of Contemporary Art Department of the Russian Museum.
Vladimir Logutov, an artist, curator, art director of the Foundation of Vladimir Smirnov and Konstantin Sorokin
Joanna De Vos, a Belgian art historian, curator and writer. Curator of ‘Facing time. Rops/ Fabre’ (Namur, 2015); ‘Jan Fabre. Spiritual Guards’ with Melania Rossi (Florence, 2016). Currently working on ’The Artist / Knight’ at Gaasbeek Castle, Brussels (July - November 2017) and co-curator of Jan Fabre for the Triennale at Ostend: ‘The Raft. Art is (not) Lonely’ (October 2017- April 2018).

The contest is open to artists under 35 years old. 
Deadline for applications: 4 May 2017 

The winner receives a cash prize of 100000 rubles and the money for the realization of the project. 
The exhibition opens in “ANNA NOVA Gallery’ in the autumn 2017.

Foundation of Vladimir Smirnov and Konstantin Sorokin ins titutes three special prizes for the participants of the Contest:
-residence in Moscow and a solo exhibition in the studio of the Foundation,
-a cash prize of 100 000 rubles

By decision of the Foundation, all special prizes can be given to one participant of the Contest, or they may be divided between the three different participants.

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Foundation of Vladimir Smirnov and Konstantin Sorokin
Foundation of Mikhail Bazhenov

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You can download the application form (to be filled in on-line)
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