Every two years "Anna Nova" gallery collects a competent jury, announces the theme and selects the most interesting art projects.

The age of participants is under 35 years. The winner receives a cash prize and a solo exhibition at the two-story space of "Anna Nova" gallery.

The original vision of the contest belonged to an employee of the contemporary art department of the Russian Museum - Ekaterina Andreeva. It was supported by the owner of the contemporary art gallery “Anna Nova” - Anna Barinova, and enthusiastically adopted by young artists.

Rules of the contest

The contest is attended by artists under the age of 35 years.
Only the projects which have not been previously shown and realized are accepted for consideration.
Each author may only submit one project.
There are no restrictions on the type, genre and technique of the project.
Focus of the project on the exhibition space of Anna Nova gallery is an advantage when considering projects.

Rules of the application’s registration and sumbission

Anna Nova Gallery provides an application form and a floor plan of the gallery. Applications will be accepted in electronic form at (indicating "Contest for Young Artists" in the subject line).
The application should be accompanied by:
1. Curriculum Vitae (one page maximum)
2. Brief description of the project (one page maximum)
3. Technical rider (if necessary)
4. A detailed budget for the project.
5. Illustrative materials (images (photographs, sketches) in .jpg format not exceeding 2MB each). Video files (tracks) should be uploaded to file sharing site and should not exceed 300 MB.

Examination and selection of projects

Examination and selection of projects is carried out by expert jury formed specifically for the contest.
The winner is determined by a joint decision of the Organizers and the Jury of the contest.

Criteria for evaluation

The originality of the concept and its compliance with the theme of the contest.
The validity of the requested funds.


Applications will be accepted only within the contest time.
Results of the contest will be announced no later than four weeks after the deadline for the application’s submission.
The winner of the contest shall be paid a cash prize of 100,000 rubles.
Foreign and nonresident artists are provided with the tickets and accommodation by the gallery.
“Anna Nova” gallery organizes personal exhibition of the winner of the contest within the time frame.

For any questions: